Rachael’s Wisdom

Greetings Beautiful Humans!

Thank you for coming to my website and taking the time to learn more about my passion and my business! I decided to create this page: Rachael’s Wisdom¬†for a couple of reasons:¬†

  • I want to share with you my daily movement meditation practice through videos and writings so you can either take it for yourself and copy it or make it your own!


  • Through my different experiences of teaching toddlers in preschool settings as well as working privately with clients using dance/movement therapy, I have gained many tools and knowledge about parenting strategies and ways to handle difficult behaviors in children. Here is a place where I will share that knowledge with you and am open to hearing your own stories/struggles and can learn with you!


  • If you enjoy what you see with your eyes, feel in your heart and in your body, then perhaps we are meant to work together! I love all human beings and feel that it is my duty on this planet and in this life to help others express themselves, get closer to who they are through the use of the body with meditation and dance, and ultimately, loving who you are. If you feel called to work with me, reach out and let’s have a conversation together! There are plenty of ways to work together either in person, individually, in a group, Skype, face-time, you name it, we can make it happen!


  • Lastly, I am here to share what I love to do and use this as a way to document and reflect on my work and then share it with the world! Looking forward to getting to know YOU!

Love and positivity,

Rachael Anne Singer, R-DMT, MS