Gain Joy, Balance Motor Skills, Social Skills, Self Confidence, Self Expression and a Lifelong Respectful Relationship between You and your Child!

Supporting You and Your Family

Strengthen the relationship between you and your child when you rely on Moving HeARTS, LLC for behavior and emotional care services. Through the New York City and Los Angeles areas, we work with parents and their children, using movement as a way to connect them in positive and playful ways to learn new strategies. Count on our deep listening and family guidance services to help you improve an emotional connection with your children.

Stress Relief

Easily overcome a difficult situation and feel better about your life with our stress relief services. Our bodies tend to hold stress and tension. By releasing it through simple movements and breathing exercises, it decreases and alters the mind-body connection.


Learn to use movements, tools, and verbalizations to better take care of yourself, which ultimately helps you and your child. Our therapeutic dancing helps you helps you improve the emotional connects with yourself.


Gain valuable tools for helping your child to either become less attached or more connected to you, which ultimately helps them become more confident. With our help, you gain knowledge about child development and the different levels of attachment and behavior.

Day of Joy-Self Care for Mothers, New York City with Shane Kulman 

Dance Club Sign: A contract we make with the children and the family

Positive Connection Between You and Your Child

Through dancing and movement with you and your child, we navigate independence and togetherness. This is the perfect activity for yourself and another to participate in.

Self-Love and Acceptance for You and Your Child

Learn how to love yourself even more with our self-loving teachings. We practice the movements of dancing with ourselves and body language that helps you remember how valuable you are. These breathing techniques help bring you back to yourself.

Tools To Be Present in the Moment

Start to understand how to identify yourself so you understand how to become more social. We use breathing, meditation, and movements that ground you and your child to be in the present moment.

Learn New Ways To Release and Feel Grounded

Gain insight on what you are doing to release now and add to your repertoire of new ways of using the body to feel grounded. This is done through daily activities, such as washing laundry, cleaning, driving, walking, and more.

Gain Self Awareness

Discover your true self while moving in ways that allow for the truth to arise and notice patterns and behaviors of when you are not in your truth.

Expressing and Communicating Feelings

Through movement, dance, and talking over the phone, we have slowly allowed for self-expression to improve. We find what hinders you and allow you to express yourself in ways to help you feel more comfortable.