Rachael Anne Singer, R-DMT Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and a Developmental Specialist

About Rachael: 

Rachael is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and an Early Childhood Educator. She is currently a Developmental Specialist and supports children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder using Floor-Time Therapy. She also leads a creative movement class at the DCRC in Los Angelas for both staff and members. She was a Preschool Educator  and taught children ages 2-5 for eight years. In addition, she has her Masters of Science in Dance/Movement therapy from Sarah Lawrence College. She works privately with children and families using therapeutic Dance to help a variety of issues. She leads creative movement workshops for children, families, mothers,  women, and adults, LGBTQA, and for children and adults with neuro-differencess. and led a a retreat for women focusing on self care, community, relaxation, nature, and movement. She also leads movement classes and works privately with both children with special needs and typically developed children ages 2-18.

She started her own business called Moving Hearts, LLC in 2015 where she works privately with children and families using her two passions combined. She uses dance and movement as a way to connect in a positive way and learn new strategies when working with challenging behaviors or difficult emotions.  She leads workshops and classes at events to help all humans get in touch with themselves and get more connected to their bodies.

Rachael is a healer and believes in the potential of all human beings. What she knows for sure is that music and dance is healing for the soul and a great way to connect with yourself and others. She is never been happier than when she is freely dancing and loses herself in the music. What she wants most in the world is to help families be more whole and balanced. She was born to work with children and families and is always wanting to grow and help as many humans as she can. She can help you express yourself and find your truth through your own dance.

Mission: The goal is to positively connect to your child through creative movement as we explore communicating non-verbally and have fun dancing, creating, and playing together.




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